Habib Wali Muhammad


Habib Wali Muhammad born in Rangoon (1921) is Pakistani Ghazal singer.During her childhood Habib Wali after listened the Qwwali music but due to economic reason,he gave priority to academics.He received his MBA from Syracuse university in 1947, lived in Bombay for about 10 years before moving to Pakistan.Her brother Ashrf M .Tabani was governor of Sindh around 1988.

As a youth Habib Wali received classical lesson from Ustaad Latafath Hussain , nephew of Ustaad Fayaaz  Khan . In college he became active in musical functions of Ismail Yousif college,gaining the nikname "Tan Sain".After completing the bachelors  in Bombay and he studied for his  MBA in USA.In mid 1940s he returned to Bombay.
In 1941 Habib Wali was awarded first prize in Bombay music competition with 1200 contestants ,including the singer Mukesh chand Mathur.His wining performance by singing tha Ghazal of emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar "Lagta Nahen Hai Jee Mera Ujray Dayar Mein"
Encouraged by this honour, at the young age he took more interest in Ghazal singing.During his stay in America, he had been out of touch with music.Hence he felt lonely.He put lot of efforts to and came out with gramophone record ghazals in his voice.On one side of the record Bahadur Shah ghazals and other side Ghalib`s ghazals.Unfortunately the Indian public was reluctant  to buy them.  
From these ghazls actress Meena Kumari became a fan of his and since she was at time affiliated  with Radio Ceylon.She had this recordings broadcast often.This boosted HabibWali`s sales and caused him to become a celebrity.
After partition  his family migrated to Pakistan.He gave most of time to his family bussiness,recording ghazal and geets for films in spare time.He has been awarded the Nigar Award. His famous ghazals are Bahadur Shah Zafar`s ghazals.
Habib Wali lives in California with his wife Rehana and have a son Nadeem Wali Muhammad.

Her Famous Ghazals Are:

  • Ye Na Thi Humari Qismat           Poet: Ghalib
  • Ja Kahio Use Naseem-e-Sehar    Poet: Bahadur Shah Zafar
  • Gajra Bana K ley Aa                   Poet: Afshan Rana
Following Ghazals which are in Pakistani films:
  • Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo
  • Aeshya Jal Gaya
  • Rateen Thi Chandni

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